Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Blessing of Warmth

Excerpt from "The Twelve Blessings of Christmas" by T.J. Mills

Christmas is more than a span of time on the calendar; it's a place in our hearts. Each year we welcome this season of splendor like a much anticipated visit from a cherished old friend. We embrace its advent with a flurry of Yuletide activities that reflect the spirit of our deep faith in this celebration of God's love for us. The arrival of Christmas is the blessing of WARMTH in our hearts.

Can't you just smell the aroma of baked cookies and candies? I love making and decorating Christmas cookies and candy with my family....and then give them away to our neighbors and friends!

Or how about coming in from the cold and having a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa...mmm, I can just taste it and feel the hot mug warming up my hands!
We can't forget how much fun as a child we had making "homemade" projects with glitter, glue and ribbon...Take time and be a kid again! "Enjoy every warm minute and have a merry little Christmas!" T.J. Mills

Please share things that you do each year that are traditions...or things you hope to do this year to slow down and enjoy the Blessing!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanksgiving is Over and the Christmas Season has begun! I haven't completely finished decorating my home yet but the Mantle and Tree are done! That's the most important part right? The Mantle is my favorite to decorate!! I change it up every year, however this year I had to work with what I had...not much extra $$ these days to spend on "fun stuff"
I made the wreath out of an old wreath that looked pitiful! I tore it apart and started over. I had some extra red mesh and ribbon...I would have loved those Big, pretty ornaments to hang on there but all I had were small balls...so I just grouped them in three's. I don't think it looks too bad!
Over the past few years, I have collected these fun, metal, spiral Christmas trees..I didn't realize it but I have five! So, I used those as my "bookends"
On one side, my tallest one with these wooden reindeer...
On the other end of the mantle I grouped 3 more! All of these were varying in height which is appealing to the eye! I also wanted to add this little grouping all because of the book that's laying on the table. My husband gave this book to me last year at the beginning of December. It is called The Twelve Blessings of Christmas by T.J. Mills. This little book is filled with treasures to help us not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays but helps us to truly enjoy every minute! Be sure and check back with me as I share from this book throughout the month of December!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This may sound silly to some of you but Family Game Night is one of my favorite Christmas Traditions! Every Christmas Eve my brother and I would beg and beg to just open 1 gift! My parents were very creative and at an early age started giving us a board or card game for our "one" gift to open early. It became this fun evening of playing games with the family. It helped pass the time by and get our mind off of "Santa" coming and we made some great memories! Even after we had grown and were in college and home for the holidays, we still looked forward to that gift and those fun game nights! This is a tradition I would LOVE to have with my kiddos as they begin to "beg" to open just ONE gift! What is your favorite Tradition?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Thanksgiving FUN!

Aren't these Lunch Note Printables PRECIOUS!! I used these all last week in my daughter's school lunch. She absolutely loved them. I got them from Erin at Craft's and Sutch! What a fun way to show your child that you are thinking about them while they are at school.
Here is another cute Thanksgiving craft that Marlee made at school! On each finger (or feather she got to tell something she was thankful for! Notice Food and Drinks...she is for sure MY DAUGHTER!! Ha! Ha!
Since I had all of Marlee's artwork on the previous post I just had to add a little of my three year old, J.P. Too cute! I think it's supposed to represent FALL :) Lastly, I must share a little story!
Lately, we have been having some tough times financially. My husband is in Sales and we rely heavily on commission. Sometimes we are not sure where the money is going to come from to pay all the bills but it always shows up just in time! One night we were looking at our finances and talking about how and what we could do to cut corners, sacrifice, etc...Needless to say, I can get a little emotional and weepy! As my husband was cleaning up he looked down and had a little frog in his hand! The Frog had a Bible Verse on it that my son is learning at church. We felt that the Lord was speaking to us directly in that moment! So this Frog has been on our kitchen cabinet ALL MONTH! Thank you Lord for the little things and Thanks for providing and meeting ALL our needs!

Our First School Thanksgiving Feast!

These are the Turkey Cupcakes I made for my daughter's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast!
I got the idea at the Family Fun Website by Disney. They were a hit and not too hard to make!
Just make regular chocolate cupcakes and then add the precious turkey! To make the turkey you will need Nutter Butter cookies, white icing, mini chocolate chips, fruit roll-ups and toothpicks!
For the eyes, use white icing and then place a mini choc. chip on top! For the red "gobbler" use a piece of red fruit roll-up. For the feathers I just wrapped the fruit roll-ups around a spaghetti noodle...I was out of toothpick so had to improvise!! It actually worked just fine.
Once I made it to my daughter's school, there was all kinds of precious artwork decorating the outside and inside of the class! I just had to take pictures and show off her artistic side! Here is her Scarecrow!
Here is her Turkey
Here is her Indian and Pilgrim
Here each person in the class got to put what they were thankful for on the feathers! Marlee was thankful for her friends!