Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Thanksgiving FUN!

Aren't these Lunch Note Printables PRECIOUS!! I used these all last week in my daughter's school lunch. She absolutely loved them. I got them from Erin at Craft's and Sutch! What a fun way to show your child that you are thinking about them while they are at school.
Here is another cute Thanksgiving craft that Marlee made at school! On each finger (or feather she got to tell something she was thankful for! Notice Food and Drinks...she is for sure MY DAUGHTER!! Ha! Ha!
Since I had all of Marlee's artwork on the previous post I just had to add a little of my three year old, J.P. Too cute! I think it's supposed to represent FALL :) Lastly, I must share a little story!
Lately, we have been having some tough times financially. My husband is in Sales and we rely heavily on commission. Sometimes we are not sure where the money is going to come from to pay all the bills but it always shows up just in time! One night we were looking at our finances and talking about how and what we could do to cut corners, sacrifice, etc...Needless to say, I can get a little emotional and weepy! As my husband was cleaning up he looked down and had a little frog in his hand! The Frog had a Bible Verse on it that my son is learning at church. We felt that the Lord was speaking to us directly in that moment! So this Frog has been on our kitchen cabinet ALL MONTH! Thank you Lord for the little things and Thanks for providing and meeting ALL our needs!

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