Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Blessing of Warmth

Excerpt from "The Twelve Blessings of Christmas" by T.J. Mills

Christmas is more than a span of time on the calendar; it's a place in our hearts. Each year we welcome this season of splendor like a much anticipated visit from a cherished old friend. We embrace its advent with a flurry of Yuletide activities that reflect the spirit of our deep faith in this celebration of God's love for us. The arrival of Christmas is the blessing of WARMTH in our hearts.

Can't you just smell the aroma of baked cookies and candies? I love making and decorating Christmas cookies and candy with my family....and then give them away to our neighbors and friends!

Or how about coming in from the cold and having a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa...mmm, I can just taste it and feel the hot mug warming up my hands!
We can't forget how much fun as a child we had making "homemade" projects with glitter, glue and ribbon...Take time and be a kid again! "Enjoy every warm minute and have a merry little Christmas!" T.J. Mills

Please share things that you do each year that are traditions...or things you hope to do this year to slow down and enjoy the Blessing!!!


  1. Hi Bridget! I'm a friend of Carmella's @ SouthernFriedGal. So nice to "meet" you. Wish I was your neighbor. Those cookies look DIVINE!

    Sweet post. My personal tradition is to watch almost every Christmas movie that comes on from October to January. I love them! Also, I let the kids made Christmas cookies every year no matter how busy and no matter what ahuge mess they make. Then, after they go to bed, I have a mini-nervous breakdown and eat cookies. HA! I actually bake lots of treats for my kids' teachers, etc. too. Love that!

  2. Thanks So much for stopping by...I just read your blog and saw you make children's clothes...I have a 5 yr old girl and a 3 month old girl...I will definitely be calling on you to make some of those cute clothes!!

  3. We make a birthday cake for Jesus and sing happy birthday to him. the Girls Love it!