Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Girl's Room & Closet Clean Up!

I Can't believe I had let her room get this bad....and she's ONLY 4 months old! She had still been sleeping in the bassinet in our room and I had to begun to pile clean clothes in there, along with all the clothes she has already outgrown with other random stuff! Her room had become a "junk room"....Well, I was SO excited to see that Tracy @ was having an Organizing your Heart and Home party through the month of January! I needed a little incentive and accountability to start getting my house back in order after a new baby and the holidays! So here are some Before pictures....

****Apology....these pics were taken with my phone (my camera was misplaced at this time) so excuse the bad photos but it gives you an idea of how bad it was! LOL

Yes, that is her changing table...Could you change a diaper here? NO!!!! This had become the place we were placing all the clean clothes instead of putting them UP!! Do you do that? Is it Laziness or what? Who knows!
Here is her closet before...again bad picture but you get the idea, just stuff thrown in there
AWWW...The clothes are now hung up! The trash is cleaned out...looks a little better. My goal is to get cute baskets for the shelves but no extra money right now = working with what you got!
I think Baby Girl is happy with her new CLEAN room...she can actually sleep in her OWN bed and get her diaper changed on the table that was designed for that!
My walls were still bare so I rounded up some picture frames and scrapbook glued some ribbon the the back and viola! Looks SO much better than an empty wall! Again...Had to work with what I had...but I think it actually WORKED!
I also didn't have anything on the wall above her changing table so I hung this up to hold her cute bows/flowers and headbands...and the next is just to prove NO clothes!

The next pics are just of her room....Now that it's clean and organized I think it's pretty adorable...Of course I'm a little biased! Now off to go organize MORE...

"How do you eat an elephant?" my husband always asks me when I am feeling overwhelmed....I always respond "One bite at a time"....So, hopefully I'll have a productive weekend and be back to Tracy's party before Sunday...Until next time!


  1. You did great! Having a new baby is so overwhelming that we let things go until they are bad! But, being inspired was great since it helped you get her room organized! If you ever want more inspiration to organize, please come and visit me!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Great job! I love the wall art - too cute!

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