Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Beginnings!

Well...2011 is HERE! Really???? YES REALLY!!!
It just seems like yesterday we were getting out the Christmas decorations and now they are all put house is NOT back in order but no signs of Christmas decor...My little boy was so sad to see it go! Well, with a new year comes new beginnings! A FRESH start! That's what we all need after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. So, once again I'll make my resolutions and hopefully keep them { for a few months anyway}

One of my favorite things to do each year is change out my Cary Collins calendar! I have gotten one of these the past several years...I LOVE THEM! Each month has a bible verse and a creative design by Cary. I keep mine in a frame in the kitchen and LOVE reading God's word every time I glance at it....These make great gifts (I get my mom one every year for her birthday) and she also has other great items as well! Check her out ...Speaking of God's word, I need MORE OF IT!! I pray that I put that top priority in my life this year. God has been SO good to our family and surprised us with some incredible blessings at the end of 2010....He never seems to amaze me...His unconditional LOVE, Grace and Mercy....His sovereignty...His plans for me...I could go on and on...all I know is that I want MORE!!
OK now things to accomplish this year: ORGANIZATION!!! Numero Uno on the list:
GARAGE...It is the winter months and my car can't even fit into the garage! Oh if I had a bunch of MONEY I would go spend it all at the Container Store! I will be sure to post before and after pictures...I'm hoping those pictures will be sooner than later! I also have many other home projects that I need to accomplish and you will hear about those later I am sure!
EXERCISE....I.MUST.GET.OFF.MY.BUTT!! After having baby #3 in August I think it's TIME! I am ready to get off this baby weight...I am So out of shape that I am gonna start Slow...just 10 minutes a day the commercial says! Hopefully I can increase that over time but surely I can start there! I actually did the 10 minute Cardio last night and let's say I can tell I did something! Tony Horton you better do me right! Maybe I'll graduate to P90X someday!
To help me in the fight to lose this extra weight, I am going to try Arbonne's Figure 8 system.
One of my dear friends is a consultant so Sarah, here I go! I have actually had the products for a couple of months just staring at them every time I go into the kitchen to find something to eat!!!
A couple of other sites that I will frequent are: Gina's Skinny Recipes (lots of great recipes) and (lots of great articles and videos regarding health and well being). Well, I'm hoping that me posting these goals that It will hold me accountable! I am hopefully going on a cruise in June (one I'll earn with Willow House) and my hubby's 20 year class reunion is coming up...this should be motivation enough...right? I sure HOPE!!
Here is to 2011!!!

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