Monday, January 3, 2011

furniture redo

This is my most favorite piece of furniture in my whole house! I love the worn, distressed has a whole lot of character! However, I had let it become the collector of JUNK over the past year! Placed next to the kitchen table it just became a "catch all" over time. Well, I had had enough...since I'm in the process of moving things around after Christmas I decided to just clean this baby out and start from scratch! So here she is......

And here is just some of the random items that she has been holding...cookbooks, work stuff, my kiddos art work and YES ROCKS...I found 3 rocks on one of the shelves...
Back to the good stuff~ Look at the posts. It looks like an old porch post was cut in half and attached to both ends of the shelf. There is old paint still there...It gives it a great texture!
Here is another view of the shelves (just in case you crafty people in blog land want to try and recreate this beauty). It looks like beadboard paneling is attached to the back of the shelf.
I love the scalloped edges at the top as well....all in all a gorgeous piece! My mom had it as a display in a store she used to own and gave it to me when she sold the store...Thanks Mom~!!
So, after gathering items I already had around the house it is much more pleasing to the eye!
Spent nothing and got a FRESH, NEW look!

I am now in love with this beauty all over again!

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  1. Beautiful! You know I love that shelf. One of these days I may just try to make a version of it. For now I will just admire yours! Happy New Year, friend!

  2. Wow! that shelf looks so good!! I'm moving stuff around to. I must tackle my bedroom.
    Thanks for participating in Organizing 2011.
    Blessings and Happy New Year!

  3. I love that shelf! It's perfect and looks like it holds so much stuff. I love the beadboard on the back too. Thank you for adding our button to your blog and for joining in the fun. :)