Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Blessing of Friends!!

Christmas can be such a festive time of year and a great time to gather together for merrymaking! Surrounded by special people at this special time, you find yourself experiencing a glad heart and grateful spirit for the blessing of FRIENDS.

Meet Tom and Kerry Stickney. Kerry and I are dear friends, she was a college roommate of mine! This past year, the Lord led them to Kenya to be full-time missionary's. They are with African Christian Outreach. ACO focuses on College & University ministry on campuses across Kenya. They first reach out to their own college campuses and disciple the students. They then connect their students with a local orphanage, slum ministry, or village ministry. The students will also reach out to high school students partnering with Youth for Christ. The students will also travel to neighboring East African countries on Mission Trips to share the good news of Jesus Christ on college campuses, villages and cities.
Tom and Kerry are home for the holidays and I hosted an African Treasures Party for them! They had all kinds of wonderful items from Kenya to shop from and the proceeds benefited their ministry. It was great to see college friends as well as new friends to come and support them!

This purse has hand knitted in an African village where the women raised their own sheep, died their own wool and made all sorts of beautiful items to fund their village. Below are some precious puppets they made!
Magazine Necklaces...Have you ever seen one? They are gorgeous and colorful. They are actually made from magazines. The paper is rolled a certain way to create these beautiful paper beads. Kerry left me with some of these to sell! I gave my son's Mother's Day Out teachers these for Christmas.
My GREAT friend Gina came by to shop from the items and she got LOTS of Christmas shopping taken care of that night...Thanks Girl
Here are some college friends catching up. They look like they are in deep conversations!
More African Treasures...
The Girls together...I can't believe it's been almost 15 years since we graduated college...where does the time GO??? Needless to say, I am blessed with some great friends, old and new! I always like to have friends over around the holidays and this was the best reason to do it!

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  1. So glad you invited me and that I was able to join the fun!